Abraham Lincoln
Name: Abraham Lincoln
Status: Alive
Date of birth: February 12, 1809
Birthplace: Hodgenville, Kentucky,
United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Mary Todd Lincoln
Novels: Vampire Hunter
First novel: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Last novel: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln is the 16th President of the United States of America and ,in secret, a legendary vampire hunter. This identity was kept a secret for all these years until Henry Sturges gives struggling author Seth Grahame-Smith a journal written by Lincoln himself, and Smith adapted the journal into a best-selling book.

Biography Edit


Abraham was born to farmers Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln in a log cabin. His father, Thomas, was unable to keep a land for long and was constantly moving residences and building houses using makeshift logs. Abraham was playful during his childhood and developed his strength by cutting wood with an axe. His main source of happiness was credited to his mother, who began to become ill after Abe's father refused to pay the local one-armed landlord. Through his childhood, Abe enjoyed stories and eventually, fascination with vampires. Abe entered a depression after his mother died, and when his father revealed that their grandfather was not killed by Natives, but a vampire, Abe angrily swore revenge on all vampires in the country, deducing that the one armed man is a vampire that poisoned his beloved mother.

He began training by practicing swinging his axe, creating stakes etc. At the age of 12, the one armed man arrived to collect payment from Thomas, Abraham took his first kill, despite his father's warnings that more will come. Thomas was wrong, as no more came for retribution.

First HuntEdit

When he was sixteen, Abe left the log cabin to find work, and found it as a worker on a boat carrying passengers that left when it reached their destination along the Ohio River. Abe began to suspect that one of the passengers, who hasn't left the boat late at night, is vampiric and investigates. He was correct and was horrified to find that the vampire is abducting small children to feast on. In retaliation, Abe attacks the vampire before it could take the child away. But his novice skills were no match for the supernatural might of the creature. The vampire injures Abe, but an unlikely ally rescues him as the opposing vampire calls him a traitor.


Abe woke up in a darkened estate to find a man calling himself Henry Sturges, who nurses Abe back to health from his injury. However, Abe realizes that Henry is a vampire and attempts to fight, but Henry had forseen this and tied Abe to the bed he was resting on. Confused that a vampire could be good and civilized, Abe asks him why he isn't dead. Henry simply replies before he frees him that "some men are just too interesting to die." Henry agrees to teach Lincoln about hunting and helps the angry young man improve his skills at killing vampires.

Abe became a much better hunter after his training with Henry, but found that his mentor had changed locations from his estate to a small house made of mud. The two compromise to merely send letters to one another with vampiric targets for Abe to kill. Eventually, Abe met other people who knew about vampires, including famed poet Edgar Allen Poe, who is curious about being a vampire rather than how to kill it.

As a young adult, Abe found a job working on a flatboat carrying goods when he sees a slave auction. He notices that some of the buyers share a resemblance to Henry's descriptions of vampires in the open and follows them after they buy their share of slaves. The vampires lure the slaves into an abandoned warehouse and slaughters them, drinking their blood. Abe is horrified by the sight, and realized that the vampires are using slaves as their primary food source in America. To end slavery is to end the scourge of vampires, starting Abe's work in Abolition.

First LoveEdit

Abe returned to New Salem, where he began his political career and career in law. He still follows Henry's letters, finding and killing vampires. However, Abe begins to question his mentor's intentions when he himself is a vampire. Soon, Abe meets Anne Rutledge, and falls deeply in love to the point of deciding to give up hunting for the sake of the woman he admires. The couple prepared their engagement, but Anne's ex-lover John McNamar, attempts to get Anne to abandon Abe to come back to him, but the woman refuses to. Weeks later, Abe visits Anne, finding her very sick and dying. Realizing that Anne has now become a victim of a vampire just like his mother, Abe became quietly enraged after her death, and asks Henry to find McNamar and bring him to him. Henry complies, and Abe ruthlessly tortures the vampire by burning his body alive while keeping his head clear of the fire before allowing the flames to consume the body.

Abe questions Henry on why he wanted him to hunt down his own, when Henry reveals he was one of the missing settlers of Roanoke. He was the one who started carving "CRO" when the vampire, Dr. Crowley interrupted and changed it to "CROTAON". Henry, like Abe, swore revenge upon vampires when his own love was killed by Crowley. Abe decides to give up hunting and focus on his career.

Mary ToddEdit

Abe meets Mary Todd, cousin of one of his vampire hunting partners. The two fall in love and start a family, with Lincoln starting a law firm and elected a term in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his time with his family, Abe began to fear what would happen if vampires discovered him and his family, a thought that continually haunted him in the form of nightmares.

Abe reunites with his old friend Poe, who reveals that vampires are in America because of the freedom and lawlessness, making it the perfect place to settle and take food without much resistance considering the country's age. Poe warns his friend to keep the vampires in check or they will enslave all of America. Abe left Washington as Poe is murdered by a vampire he befriended.


Nearing the age of fifty, Abe was summoned by a surprise letter from Henry, who tells him to go to New York. There, Abe was knocked out and woke up in a discreet location, and meets William Seward, also a vampire hunter. Henry introduces his new organization as a Trinity and that the vampires in the south plan to start a Civil War to enslave America. Henry convinces Abe to run for president assuring his friend that he and the Trinity will make sure he will win.

Abe runs for the Senate against Stephen A. Douglas, who he finds out is an ally of Southern vampires. Although Abe lost his debates towards Douglas, he gains a lot of respect and eventually was elected president of the U.S. Abe's election causes the South to announce secession from the country and the war starts. The war goes badly as the Confederates have vampires on their side. Abe confronts one of the generals leading the charge, and mistakenly believes he is a vampire because of his cowardly prolonging of the fight.

Abe decides to free the slaves under the South's control, and announces the Emancipation Proclaimation, and takes joy at the slaves violently rebelling against their vampiric masters.

Abe was then called for one last hunt by Henry, where he investigates a cabin that turns out to be a trap. The leader of the vampires there is Jefferson Davis, who believes that he will have power when the vampires rule America. However, at the last second, Henry and his vampire allies arrive just in time to slaughter the enemy vampires as Davis retreats. Henry congratulates Abe on the hunt, while Abe retires from hunting all together.


Abe led a happy life with his wife and children, but several of his children died of sickness, leaving his wife's mental health deteriorating. However, the final nail on the coffin is in when a vampire sneaks onto the White House lawn and poisons Willy Lincoln. Abe was at first relieved that Willy was healthy when he was immediately checked for illness, but lamented when his son became sick like his grandmother before him and died.

Henry visits the White House and gives his sincere apologies to an enraged Abe. He offers to turn Willy into a vampire, so he will "live" again, but the offer merely angers the president into attacking his mentor, who manages to overpower him and nearly kill him with a bite. Henry angrily leaves as Abe banishes the rest of the vampires from his home. The death of Willy took away any fear of death Lincoln might've had before this point.

The War is WonEdit

Eventually, the North won over the South, and Abe could not be happier with the results, until Henry writes to him again informing him of the vampires' retreat back to Europe. Happy for the first time in years, Abraham decides to celebrate the victory by inviting several politicians to see a play with him and Mary.


However, the celebration was tragically interrupted when meglo-manic vampire actor John Wilkes Booth plan to kill Lincoln to inspire the vampires to come back and reign again. Lincoln's bodyguard, John Parker, left Ford's Theater during intermission to join Lincoln's coachman for drinks in the Star Saloon next door. The now unguarded President sat in his state box in the balcony. Seizing the opportunity, Booth crept up from behind and at about 10:15 pm, aimed at the back of Lincoln's head and fired at point-blank range, mortally wounding the President. As Booth escaped, an Army surgeon immediately assisted the President. He found Lincoln unresponsive, barely breathing and with no detectable pulse. The doctor made an attempt to clear the blood clot, after which the President began to breathe more naturally. The dying Lincoln was taken across the street to a nearby house where nine hours later, Lincoln died. Booth's reaction from other vampires were not good, as they tell him he has gone too far.

Abe was buried at his birthplace, and his son Willy was exhumed to be place alongside his father. Abe's funeral train moved across the country as Henry stood guard. After his burial, Henry made a choice and dug Lincoln up to do something that would shock those who would open the casket later.

Too Interesting To DieEdit

The vampires returned to America in the 20th century, starting World Wars in attempts to enslave America, but Henry and Abe were there to combat them. The duo later visited Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech in Washington in front of a statue made in Abe's honor. Henry had made a choice. A choice where he decided that "some men are just too interesting to die".

Abilities Edit

Abraham Lincoln was remarkably tall, and was taller than his father at the age of 12. His height can be credited to his grandfather, whose strength was also inherited by his grandson. Abe was strong enough to cut off a vampire's head in a single swing. He also often used stakes, small knives, etc.

Trivia Edit

  • Lincoln discovered the truth about vampires when his father drunkenly retold the death of his father with rather great detail.
  • Lincoln was agile, and merely slowed down a little at the age of 50.
  • During one of his hunts, Lincoln mistaken a pale adulterer for a vampire, as the man was merely sleeping with several prostitutes instead of drinking the blood of several women as Abe believed.
  • Lincoln was portrayed by actor Benjamin Walker in the film adapting his diary.