Abraham lincoln vampire hunter review-roundup

Tim Burton's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is finally here! After months of speculation, we can finally experience Burton's latest effort on the big screen! But how good is the movie, according to the critics? Check out our review round-up below for the answer to that question, and be sure to leave your opinion in the comments!

Overall, the critics have been generally negative about the movie, but moviegoers seem to love it!? So far, it has a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 39% (Rotten), but a user score of 75% (Fresh). Quite a spread! Similarly, though not dramatic, Metacritic currently shows a critic score of 40/100 (Mixed or average reviews) with a user rating of 6.3/10 (Generally favorable). Here's what some of the critics have to say:

Loved It


Score: 4/5
It's crazier than an antebellum bedbug, but Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is one of Summer 2012's definite sleepers.

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Score: B+
The summer's most fantastic guilty pleasure.

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Mr. Movie

Score: 3.5/5
The upside: the vampires really suck and the movie doesn't.

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Bekmambetov... stages hilarious, imaginative, almost free-form action sequences like nobody in the business.

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Star-Democrat (Easton, MD)

Score: B
A clever, elegantly made melding of fact and fiction.

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San Francisco Chronicle

Score: 3/4
Walker is a tall, lean guy with a big hat who can swing an ax. What else can be said?

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Thought it was just "okay"

Entertainment Weekly

Score: 58/100
With so much flesh crunching and bloodletting, it could have been scary as all Walking Dead get-out. Instead, the movie plays safe by cutting every theme down the middle - a swing that's effective when splitting wood or vampire skulls, but dull when applied to filmmaking.

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Time Magazine (Entertainment)

Score: 40/100
Watching this is like flipping channels randomly between a Masterpiece Theatre drama and a splatter film on Cinemax. If you're like me, you'll stick with the splatter.

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Score: C
Bekmambetov doesn't expect us to take the premise seriously, exactly. But he doesn't seem to want us to laugh at it, either.

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USA Today

Score: 2.5/4
Despite its factual dismemberment of the movie's namesake, Hunter bristles as summer action fodder. Honest.

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New York Times

Score: 2/5
"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is such a smashing title it's too bad someone had to spoil things by making a movie to go with it.

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Los Angeles Times

Score: 2/4
Given the subject matter, an exercise in delicacy and restraint was unlikely, but it's too bad that the film's concept is way more entertaining than what has ended up on-screen.

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Hated It

The New York Post

Score: 0/4
Don't let the stupid title dissuade you from seeing "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." Let the stupid plot, the stupid history, the stupid action scenes, the stupid trivializing of slavery...

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The Wall Street Journal

Someone forgot to tell the filmmakers ... that the movie was supposed to be fun. Or at least smart.

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New York Daily News

Score: 20/100
This insipid mashup of history lesson and monster flick takes itself semi-seriously, which is truly deadly.

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Miami Herald

Score: 25/100
Enormous in its scope and colossal in its stupidity.

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