"Vampire. Immortal, blood-sucking demons. Vampires are real. They exist in every city and every the Union. Vampires have been in the New World for centuries. Slaughtering native tribes and early settlers. But when the Europeans arrived with their slaves...the dead saw a sinister opporitunity."

Vampires are an undead species of blood-sucking, predatory creatures. They fulfill the role of main antagonist in both the book and screen adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.



A vampire morphing their appearance to its monstrous form

Vampires can easily blend in society by assuming human form. However, their true appearance is much more horrific. Either their irises shine or their eyes turn completely black or reddish and blood shot, the skin becomes


The less monstrous appearance of a vampire

decayed looking and unnaturally white or grey with black veins visible beneath it, sharp rows of short and long fangs, larger, more elastic jaws, and long claws. Their jaws and teeth are a vampires most prominent


Barts transformed jaws, as well as permanently destroyed eye

transformations, as it can be very drastic depending on the vampire, though it all vampires have jaws that can almost stretch over an entire human shoulder, enhancing their bite further. Also, canine teeth are usually the longest and most prominent of teeth vampire takes its true form and its teeth become fangs. They do have a less monstrous form, with only pronounced teeth, or more specifically, their canine teeth, completely white skin, visible black veins, and unnaturally, and almost completely bloodshot eyes. They more monstrous form occurs when they are more preditorial,


Barts attacking Lincoln after receiving from a shot in the head that destroyed his eye

animalistic and vicious and the vampire can morph into this appearance in an instant. The less monstrous appearance occurs when a vampire shows their true nature or when they are close to feeding. The more monstrous form can be triggered with anger, strain or a need to fight.


Henry Sturges seconds after his transformation and discovering that he physically cannot kill another vampire, as magnetic like forces hold him back

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Vampires are faster and stronger than humans, and can travel in a hazy mist like form. They have the ability to adapt to sunlight and the power to render themselves invisible.


A transformed vampires jaws as it attacks a human

  • Strength - Vampires are much stronger than mans. They can throw humans and other vampires through wood, toss animals as big and heavy as a full grown horse and kick through wooden beams several feet in width. They can even fling their own kind straight up through the air and hold a falling train, though even the oldest vampires can strain themselves if they . It is possible that their strength increases with time and age, since Adam easily defeated Sturges, who in turn made short work of Barts and could hold up a falling train with all his might.
  • Mobility - Vampires are faster than humans, having inhuman speed, agility, and reflexes. They can also jump over high and far distances.
Tumblr static henry3vampire

Henry and Adam fight, with Henry's face rapidly changing to a vampiric form

  • Invulnerability - Vampires are nearly impervious to any form of harm and cannot be killed by any conventional weapons, such as pistols using regular bullets. They have an impressive healing factor, to the point where a vampire was able to recover from a point-blank shot to the head and eye in seconds and are immune to all disease and poisons. Damage to the head seems to render them unconscious for a minute. They are unable to regenerate lost body parts or full tissues and dismemberment or more specifically, the lose of an eye will be permanent.
  • Senses - Vampires have all the five senses humans have, only they are enhanced to a higher level.
  • Immortality - Being undead beings, Vampires can live forever and do not age or get sick from any form of toxins, diseases, poisons, or cancer.
  • A vampire fights Abraham
  • Henry's blood shot eyes
  • Nacy Lincoln dying of Jack Barts bite
  • A pure soul dying of the poisonous effects of a vampire bite
  • Fangs - Vampires can extend a set of fangs from their mouths that allow them to feed on the blood of humans. In addition, if a vampire bites a human, either the human will die or become a vampire, depending on the purity of their soul or character. Therefore, a pure soul bitten by a vampire will experience painful and violent convulsions, as well as developing a completely pale white skin and having milky color in their eyes, until the person dies. It is possible for a vampire to save a victim from dying in this manner by turning the victim, which becomes possible after the victim is bitten already. The vampiric transformation is complete in a minute or less and after the fangs leave the victims flesh, the victim will collapse, half conscious with hazy and distorted senses, a similar effect of being poisoned. They will not have the strength to stand for only a minute, but will have full energy and vitality immediately after. They then experience a vampires less monstrous transformation, though their more monstrous form can be triggered with anger, strain or a need to fight.

Adam in the sunlight

  • Sunlight Adaptation - Vampires have the ability too adapt to sunlight, though it merely causes illness in their skin instead of actual harm.
  • Invisibility - Vampires have the power to render themselves invisible and can travel in a hazy mist or fog-like form.



Vadoma dead after a shot to the forehead with a silver sword necklace as the projectile

In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, vampires aren't killed by sunlight and they remain unaffected by holy objects or water. They can only be harmed and killed by silver or decapitation. If they are in any way harmed by silver, in a way that is fatal to a living creature, they will die.

Also, by God's decree, a vampire is incapable of killing another vampire, as "only the living can kill the dead." When a vampire tries to kill another, they are pushed or held back by unseen force, much like opposing magnetic forces. However, a vampire can physically attack another and harm them, though they cannot be two inches close to another vampire if they attempt lethal force.

Deviations from vampire mythEdit

  • Unlike traditional vampires, these vampires can stay alive in sunlight

    A vampire in his animalistic state

  • They cannot transform into bats or wolves. They may be able to take the form of a mist.
  • Abe Lincoln also has sex with a vampire in the movie but they don't show the scene.
  • They are stronger than many traditional vampires. Some can hold up the weight of a train car.
  • They cannot physically kill one another, though they can fight amongst themselves.
  • They can turn invisible, which is not common in mythology (though not unheard-of)
  • Religious symbols, stakes, and running water have no effect on them.
  • They do not need an invitation to enter a mortal's home

Differences Between Vampires in the Book and the MovieEdit

  • Vampires in the novels are presented as a separate, biological species, rather than the result of a curse. They do not know the origin of their species but presume to have been created alongside humans at the dawn of time. They can transform humans at will, regardless of the purity of the human in question.
  • Vampires in the novel lack the supernatural powers of the movies. They cannot become invisible or travel as a mist.
  • Vampires in the novel are not harmed by silver and are able to kill each other if they so desire. However, unlike their move counterparts, they are vulnerable to stakes to the heart.
  • Human-friendly vampires are more common in the novel, although still considered a minority compared to their homicidal brethren.

Known VampiresEdit

  • Adam: Powerful leader of the vampire order and Vadoma's brother. He has lived ever since Ancient Egypt

    One of Adam's vampires about to feed on a human

    and was a slave owner in the Confederate States. He was later killed by Abraham.
  • Vadoma: Adam's sister. She is a ruthless enforcer for the vampire order. She was later killed by Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Henry Sturgess: Vampire created by Adam. He trains Abraham to kill off vampires for him. He now lives in modern times.
  • Jack Barts: Vampire working for Adam. He is responsible for killing Abraham's mother. He was killed by Abraham.
    Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 1.55.54 AM

    One of Adam's soldiers

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